Citrus County Bassmasters By-Laws

Effective January 2020

Article I – Name & Location

The Florida BASS Nation affiliated club shall be called the Citrus County Bassmasters located in Citrus County, Florida.

Article II – Purpose

A non profit organization with a general purpose of this club shall be to facilitate the organized support, protection, education, and encouragement of sport fishing, youth and conservation at all levels. To stimulate the public awareness of angling as a major sport, to educate the public upon the positive economic impact on angling at the National, State and local levels.  To offer our state support and assistance.  To promote full adherence to conservation codes, clean water standards, and industry accepted practices which impact the sport of fishing.  To support and demand adequate clean water standards, fisheries habitat and fisheries resource management.  To protect and guard anglers right’s and demand unfettered, responsible access to all public waters and facilities, built, supported or otherwise funded in whole or in part by public funds.  To detect and report polluters publicly and focus political or legal attention upon such violators.  To encourage, facilitate and promote youth fishing activities and education and a love for this great recreation.  To work to improve our skills as anglers through fellowship and camaraderie of friendly exchange of fish catching techniques.  To teach and promote safe boating and on water practices.  Our chapter will function as a dynamic and effective link with Bass and Florida Bass Nation as well as other like-minded groups.

Article III – Membership

Section 1:  Number of Members

  1. The club shall begin with and maintain a minimum of at least six (6) members.
  2. The club shall be kept to a maximum of 40 members.    A waiting list will be established at the discretion of the club in the event that the membership reaches 40.  To be placed on the waiting list, a prospective member needs to be discussed and voted on by the Club.  When an opening becomes available, prospective members will be by invitation only.  

Section 2:  Requirements for Membership

  1. Voluntarily express a true interest in becoming a member and supporting the club’s purpose.
  2. Be 21 years of age minimum.  Exception may take place if parent is a member in good standing and will be at all functions with minor under the age of 21.
  3. All new members will be required to be a member of Florida Bass Nation and BASS.
  4. Be recommended by two members at a meeting and have attended one tournament prior to ballot of potential new member.
  5. Be voted on by membership in a secret ballot.  Affirmation must be unanimous.

Section 3:  Membership Dues

  1. For all members chapter dues shall be $55.00 per year with a breakdown of  $30 for BASS National and $25 for FL Nation (Members who fish BASS Nation must pay)
  2. Monthly dues to the club will be $20.00 with an additional $20 tournament fee if fishing said tournament.  There is also an optional $5 fee to enter the 8 pound progressive lunker pot.
  3. Dues and fees must be current to fish any club tournament.

Section 3A:  Affiliation

  1. Approval of chapter charter by BASS/FL Bass Nation.
  2. Update Bass with chapter membership roster once each year.  Annual update cycle begins each year in December.
  3. Names and addresses of new member joining the chapter during the year must be submitted on line to BASS as they occur.
  4. Maintain 100% BASS Membership.  Club is not compliant at this time and non-bass members will be grandfathered in until next year.
  5. Must affiliate with the FL BASS Nation and support its conservation and youth programs.  Any additional requirements that the State Federation establishes for chapters, such as membership, dues, attendance at meetings, etc., would be necessary for the chapter to participate in the State Federation qualifying tournaments and any other BASS Nation sponsored tournaments or events.

Section 4:  Club Meetings

  1. Quarterly club meetings will be held at a given time and location.
  2. Day and location of meetings are subject to change due to unforeseen circumstances.  Members will be notified if changes are required.
  3. Club members are not required to attend meetings

Section 5:  Club Officers meetings

  1. Club Officers may be called to special meetings at the discretion of the club President.

Article IV:  – Officers, Elections, Vacancies, and Eligibility

Section 1:  Officers and their duties

  1. President:  Preside over all meetings and direct all official business.  Appoint and be ex-officio member of all committees.  Supervise all club functions.
  1. Vice President:  Act as Chairman, assist the President in his/her duties and preside in the absence of the President.  Serve as liaison between the club and state and national conservation agencies.  Plan club conservation projects and attend all local and state conservation meetings.
  2. Secretary:  Maintain accurate minutes of all business meetings and submit minutes for approval to the general membership at each meeting.  Distribute quarterly membership rosters.  Issue and maintain membership applications.  Maintain records of all current B.A.S.S. members.
  3. Treasurer:  Collect and disburse all monies.  Maintain accurate financial records and present a current financial report quarterly to club president.  Prepare an audit for annual review by board of directors.
  4. Tournament Director:  Organize and conduct tournaments.  Submit for and acquire Largemouth Bass waiver permits for all club tournaments.  Develop and maintain the clubs point system used to determine Angler of the Year (AOY) award.  Provide monthly reports on tournament results and AOY standing at each monthly meeting.
  5. Assistant Tournament Director:  Assume the duties of TX director in his absence.  Assist the Tournament director in his duties at each club tournament.

Section 2:  Elections & Terms of Office

  1. Nominations for club officers shall be done in the month of October of every year.  Elections will be in November either at the quarterly meeting or electronically.
  2. Elections will be by closed ballot, by all members present at the November meeting or who vote electronically.
  3. All members in good standing shall have one vote. 
  4. Proxy votes are prohibited.
  5. Terms of office shall be for 2 years.  Terms shall start January 1 of year following elections and end December 31 two years later.  1st election will be for President and Secretary.  Following year shall be VP, Treasurer, and Tournament Director.
  6. Officers may serve consecutive terms.

Section 3:  Eligibility to hold Office

  1. Must have been a member in good standing for at least 6 months.
  2. Must show an active interest in the club activities.

Section 4:  Vacancies

In the event of an Office becoming vacant, nominations shall be asked for and an election held to fill the unexpired term of that particular office.  The FL BASS Nation shall be notified immediately of the change of officers.

Article V: – Disqualification of membership

  1. Failure to pay monthly dues or tournament fees for four consecutive months.
  2. Any unsportsmanlike conduct against the club, club members or the general public.
  3. Disqualification from any State or National BASS event. This occurrence will be reviewed by the Board.
  4. Use of alcohol or illegal drugs during any club or Nation event.
  1. Accusations and disputes pertaining to the club must be presented to club officers.  (Excluding protest for tournament violations) This can be done by contacting any club officer to report the problem.  That officer will then contact the remaining officers and a meeting will be called to discuss the matter. During this meeting all parties involved shall be called to present their positions.  The accused party will be given ample time to present his/her position.  After hearing all sides of the problem the accused will excused from the room.  At this point in time, if there are no further questions, a vote will be taken to determine the status of the accused.  A simple majority of those in attendance is needed to remove someone from the club membership.  Should a polygraph or voice stress test be required, the accuser will pay for same up front.  If the accused fails the test the accuser will be refunded their money and the club will pay for the test.
  2. Should your membership in Citrus County Bassmasters be rescinded, a certified letter will be sent to the State and National headquarters for the Federation Nation.  In accordance with their by-laws, you will then be suspended from BASS membership for one year.

Article VI – Tournament Rules

See Enclosure #1 to the by-laws

Article VII – Amending the By-Laws

  1. By-Law changes should be presented to the club in writing at the clubs 3rd Quarter meeting.  They can then be discussed and a vote will be scheduled for the 4th Quarter meeting in person or electronically.
  2. A notice of the pending by-law vote shall be made to the absent members by the secretary.
  3. By-Law changes will be approved by at least a 50% of club members in good standing and must be approved by 75% majority vote of those members present at the meeting or electronically.
  4. Once approved these By-Laws shall remain unchanged for the calendar year.

Enclosure #1,